We are a unique foundation that fosters life and leadership skills, while also providing the physical and emotional benefits from the joy of learning our amazing sport. We believe that tennis is the best first sport for children to learn that they can play their whole lives. The sport of tennis also leads inherently to an amazing development of character and prepares our kids for life in the world ahead.

Our Mission

5430 Kids is a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization with the goal of increasing opportunities for young people of all backgrounds in the Colorado Community to train and compete to reach their potential in tennis. Our primary objective is to reduce financial barriers for young players to compete and train in order to reach the college level. Our vision is to provide the financial resources required to create an environment where high quality tennis training is affordable for all players who aspire to excel at tennis.

our goals

Over the next ten years, the organization envisions providing the following resources for young players:

  • Coaching assistance
  • Sponsoring tournament fees
  • Tennis equipment
  • Mentoring and advice for those needing help negotiating the academic and athletic pathways in the college recruitment process
  • Programs that provide healthy lifestyle choices and leadership opportunities through academic and athletic pursuits
  • Expose tennis to new audiences through schools to give future athletes an opportunity to experience tennis

What We've Achieved

  • Sponsored tennis tournaments in the Greater Boulder Area
  • Provided scholarships for kids in need to the High Performance Tennis Program at Rocky Mountain Tennis Center
  • Provided on-site tennis teaching lessons at local elementary schools